Why did you give me birth without asking me? The youth of Mumbai has a case against the parents – read the fact

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There is a case that seems to be a joke that has happened in Mumbai. Unbelievably, but the fact is, a young man in Mumbai has planned to make a criminal claim to his relative’s parents. The poor thing is that the reason for the case against the parents was that the mother gave birth without her consent.

Rafael Samuel’s news has spread throughout the world that he is taking his family to court to give birth to him. Falwell Samuels said that bringing children to the world without their will is wrong. He has to suffer all his life.

This young man has a bad relationship with his parents and so is such a step, not even like that. In fact, he has a close relationship with them, but in principle, he only wants to make this case against the people giving birth to him.

According to Rafal Samuel, no person’s wishes can be known before birth. Samuel argues that the decision to take birth was not ours, so we should get compensation to live a life. Life is very bad and people should not give birth to a child. And if this happens then mankind will not be able to see the Earth going forward and it is good for the planet Earth. And if the human race is destroyed then both the earth and the beast will be happy. Their condition will be better, there is no meaning of the existence of mankind.

Rafale has written in her notes that I love my parents, and we have a very good relationship, but they gave me birth only for her selfish pleasure.

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