When I do not call, I have saved my pictures and chatting in the mobile phone, viral having a nude photo of the girl.

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There was a fury in the incident in the incident of rampant crime in Vadodara. Dr. Neurosurger suffering from retaliation. Yeshesh Dalal, on Monday evening, was shocked to have a nude photograph of a physiotherapist on his mobile phone whitespace.

The girl said to her sister-in-law The dalal informed that the photos were posted. The victim was shouting in the police station that, The broker has threatened to violate my photo. However, police did not talk to him, but on Monday, there was a chance that UTV would be defamed. In the complaint filed late last night, Yeshesh Dalal also mentioned the girl’s viral photos.

According to a news story in a Gujarati news paper, a physiotherapist has been stuck between Gotri and JP Road police station for the past four days to register a complaint against Dr Yeshesh Dalal, who has Akotama Scientific Hospital. Meanwhile, on Sunday, JP Road police took the statement after admitting the woman’s application. But the crime did not enter.

The girl mentioned clearly in a written complaint to the police, that Dr. Yashish Dalal threatened me that if I do not come, then I will save my pictures and chatting in the mobile phone, I will declare it.

The woman expressed this frightening fact. Dr. Halve mentality Dalal had put the nude photos of the girl on WhatsApp Status in her mobile phone on Monday evening. That’s why UTV was totally unaware of it. But in the evening, his sister called the girl and said that. Dr. The eloquent broker has put your bad photos on their status. Which I have seen.

As soon as he heard this, the land had fallen off the woman’s feet. Due to his photo being viral, the girl was weeping and the woman reached the JP Road police station with a lawyer. The girl has been defamed by you because you did not file a complaint. He said that the police action was serious. Police officials were also screwed by the incident. She calm down the girl and immediately proceeded to file her complaint.

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