This millionaire girl is in the list of boyfriend. He will also give millions of rupees to his boyfriend, but this is the conditions.

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If you do not get love, then life is incomplete. Yes, something similar happens with a girl who lives in Britain. At the age of 17, the girl won the crores of rupees by the lottery, but she still did not have true love till she was 3 years old. Now he has done a unique solution to his love affair.

Fact, Jane Park, age 3, became a millionaire by the lottery at the age of 17. Lot of money from the lottery made him a lot of rest, but despite this, he is often betrayed in love. He always looked for true love, but everyone loved it for money.

Jane now looks very alone herself. To overcome this, Jain launched a website to find a suitable match for herself and said that if she found her love, then she would give him 60 thousand pounds or 60 lakh rupees for one year. Applying the right kind of candidacy for a boyfriend’s post. Jane says that she is looking for a relationship that is loyal and does not mean riches.

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