These 11 items which are banned abroad for years, are sold in our country freely.

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Is there a difference in the lives of people of a developed country and developing country? Can people play with the lives of developing countries? All these questions came to my mind when I read a news, which showed that the ban on the syringe in the UK is being used in India and in all developing countries like this.

According to a news of the Times of India, the UK’s National Health Service Department confirmed the Fitayu Jurysaxel in 2010. But this company donated countries such as India, Nepal and Africa, instead of destroying it or throwing it. Now that he has come here, it has also been used in these countries, that is, the game with the lives of millions of people.

But do you know the game always happens with the lives of people in our country? Because there are many things in our country, which we are using every day in our homes. This is reflected in overseas, but not here, let’s tell you about it.

After drinking it, your thoughts may not seem to wing or you may need depression, hypertension and heart problems. This drink is reflected in France and Denmark.

This pain preventive tablet has not been tested in foreign countries, so has it reflected there.

Unprestructured milk is reflected in Canada and the United States, because of the dangerous bacteria found in it, but it is easily found there.

Sweets and toffee made from jelly are found in other stores, this is reflected in the US, Canada and Australia. Due to eating it, children are at risk of suffocation.

The car could not clear the crash test. For this reason, it was restricted abroad. But here it is sold comfortably.

The cold and fever-free pill can give you kidney related problems. For this, it has been banned from abroad.

These chocolate children with toy have many fads in them. But after eating it, there is danger of suffocation. For this, the US has censured it.

This pain preventive pill is considered in Australia, USA, Canada, because eating it can lead to lever related illnesses.

This soap does not give you health either. But the Skin Problem may be needed, in addition to these, it is used to bury cattle.

About 60 kittashas are used comfortably in India to save the crop. Which are prohibited from abroad. Because this crop is gone from the crop and in that way our body can cause many diseases after it.

After eating it throws it away and it is not easy to clean it. This has kept him in Singapore.

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