There is also a train, air travel is cheap, money will save time …

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Often, it seems that spending a week at one place is worth the cost of going to the plane. But there are some of the routes in India where rentals of premium trains are more than air travel. This train also takes longer time to travel. The CAG report also revealed this. According to CAG report, there are 17 routes in the country where both the rupees and the time are saved by going on a plane with the train. If this ticket is booked 120 days in advance, then it is cheaper than the train. We are giving you information on some of these routes here.

Talking about the ticket from Ahmedabad to Goa in the month of September 2018, the ticket is worth 3,585 in the flight, while the time to arrive on the flight is 1 hour 50 minutes, whereas in the first class there is a rent of 3,585 rupees and the journey from Ahmedabad to Goa takes 18 hours and 40 minutes.

Third AC tickets are more than air travel on the Delhi-Goa route. Flights from Delhi to Goa are available for about Rs. 3400 in August, while Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin from Madgaon to Manggaon Express has a third AC fare of Rs. 3545 and First Class AC fares Rs. 6,175. The distance to rent is also in Delhi’s journey by Goa. Trains take Goa 27 to 38 hours while the flight takes up to two and a half hours.

The Delhi-Mumbai route, which is included in the busiest route in India, is available for Rs 2,550 in Third AC from Delhi to Mumbai, and two weeks flight tickets for August is around Rs 2,300. Duranto takes 16 hours to reach Delhi from Mumbai, while flight takes 2.10 hours.

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