The people of the village made PM Modi’s temple, devotees keep a nine-day vow

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There are surprising incidents in India. Prime Minister Modi is known as the “devotees” of the blind supporters of Modi. But some devotees have crossed the limits in this matter. Devotees have started to believe in Narendra Modi and have kept a nine-day vow.

This incident is from the Balia district of Uttar Pradesh. People of Bansdi village of Balia district have built the temple of Modi. A Durga temple in the village has been named as the minister of the state. All the people of the village have taken Prime Minister Narendra Modi as God and have kept a nine-day vow in front of his image.

A picture of Narendra Modi has been kept in this temple and everybody in the village is making Vijay Tilak by burning incense in front of this image.

People here believe that Narendra Modi is a god and he has kept a nine-day vow with a prayer that Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister.

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