The government gives the girl to marry this country girl every month, 3 lakh rupees!

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Male population in Iceland is very low and for this reason the government has given a special offer.

You might be surprised to know that Iceland’s government will give $ 5,000 a month to another country’s youth marrying the girl of this country. That is, you get married to the girl of Iceland, every month, 3 lakh 33 thousand rupees.

The men’s population is the lowest in this city, due to which forced the Iceland government has to take this step. Nowadays, the news is going on in the Internet.

After marrying the girl of this country, she will have to stay forever in this country after getting married in this marvelous offer of marriage. The news is that people of North Africa will be given priority for this opener. But in reality, truth is different.

Site snoops, who investigated the truth of the news, claimed that the news was false. “There is no scarcity of men in 1007 men in a prosperous country like Iceland, and thus there are men who marry girls in this country.”

If the talk of is true, earning money as well as getting married will break before your dream begins.

Where did the news start?

The news started with a person’s blog, which gave information about the Iceland government’s offer. Not only this, after the news became viral, boys from Iceland started sending a Facebook reception to other countries. In this way, people felt that the Iceland government has been giving such an upturn, but in reality there is no such thing.

If the girls in this country also show this limb in error, then jail is done

Each country has a different identity, and there are laws. You might have heard about some of the countries in the world, where women’s clothes have been banned, but have you heard that women’s private organ, meaning breast also has been banned? So today we will tell you about a country where women’s breasts are also banned.

It might look a little strange to hear, but this is exactly what is true. There are many countries in the world where women’s breasts are restricted. If this woman is found to have seen a woman’s breasts in error, she is considered a crime, and for that she is fined or sentenced to jail. So what country does fantastic laws on the breast?

There is a law in Mexico that you can openly take a weapon here, it is not believed to be a crime. But, if a woman is seen by a woman’s mistake, she is immediately arrested.

There is also a law on some places in Russia, where if a woman’s breast is seen here, a fine of $ 50 has to be imposed.

Thus, Brazil is considered an open-minded country, but the law here is strictly prohibited by the sexual performance of women. If a woman’s breasts are found in this country, it can be punished for three years.

Syria’s law is also strict for women. It’s not just a breast here but if a woman does not wear herb, she is sentenced to jail.

Sudan is a unique country in its own right. If the women’s breasts are found to be erroneous, it is punished as 50 coda (whip). Due to this fear women leave the house only after wearing complete clothes.

Iraq also has nothing less in this matter. Here too women are being strictly prohibited. Here also, women can not get out without ejacab, but there is also a law that if a woman’s breasts are found, then the woman is beaten up and then thrown in jail.


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