See more than 1 million shares in this photo – see women’s police barrage

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The photo of a hospital in Argentina has been viral for the past few days on Facebook. The viral photo spread so much that it has been shared more than a million times more than twelve thousand times. This viral photo, clicked in the Argentinean hospital, is police officer Seleste Jacqueline Ayala. It is said that she heard a crying child in the hospital so that the sound came from. He found a child who was crying out of hunger.

It is worth mentioning that Jacqueline soon became the mother of a child. So it was an idea of ​​what a pain it is. Jackley himself decided to play a role as a nutritionist with the commission of the police force and publicly amazed everyone in the hospital. When she opened her shirts of her womb and breastfed her baby openly.

The sentimental scene captured Marco Marcos Hredia, an officer with him, in the phone. Marcos wrote in his Facebook post that it is very good for me that I have found a fellow policeman who is giving love to an unfamiliar child, this image immediately became viral and in less than a quarter to be shared more than 100,000 times Come.

At the same time, publicly breastfeeding and intimidating everyone and giving a promising police officer Jacqueline to the status of the most powerful public servant as well as the Argentine citizens, as well as Argentine citizens wrote that such an opportunity should be taken immediately when all the locals in the country meet.

According to Jacqueline’s daring work, according to the official media, it has been promoted. Jacqueline Officer has been created from the grade to the creator.

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