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Due to the e-memo of Ahmedabad Police, due to the memo of the Ahmedabad Police, the fear of declaring a relationship with a lover has been overcome. An Ahmedabad youth thanked the Ahmedabad police for tweeting the fact that he was a girlfriend and the e-memo found out.

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Youth came to the e-memo of traffic department on 27 April. His parents had e-memo of stoplines violation while seeing the memo, and a girl from his son’s wheel was seated. When the boy came home, his parents showed e-memo. Then the youth said to be his girlfriend. Youth in this regard Dr. Vipul Agarwal (Joint CP Administration) and Ahmedabad Police tweeted that I received an e-mail from Mail. And in my memo photo, I and my girlfriend are not aware of what my parents did, but they also got to know from this e-memo. I thank you for that.

IPS Dr. Vipul Agarwal also responded by expressing his reply to Vatsal Parekh by writing a short stroke.

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