Nomophobia, a disease that is spreading rapidly through mobile phones, the critical illness

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The gadget is a mobile phone that can keep the whole world in the pocket. After the mobile search, the world seems to be small. But it is said that wherever there is a facility, there is also little harm. Let you know that mobile can cause Nomophobia disease.

Nomophobia is a disease that is now being seen in every corner of the world. It would be astonishing to know that your children are not too far away from this disease. According to a recent study, people who now feel unaccompanied with their mobile phones are victims of Nomophobia. People are now looking at the link to the relationship as mobile. These people have a different preference from the phone. Till now 10 years ago, in love, ‘I can not live without you,’ which was a spoken word for another person, and now it has become a word used for mobile phones. It is not far away that people will become so sick with this disease that continuous exposure to the doctor to release the addition of the phone.

Just as a pet has a belt in the throat of the neck, it is now being seen that the mobile belt is bound to even in the hands of a man. However, the animal does not bind this belt manually. If people do not try to prevent Nomophobia from today, then it is not surprising if mankind faces severe illness in the future.

To prevent this disease, you can:

  • Use only when needed from a mobile phone
  • Keep the APP that is needed in mobile.
  • Use the clock to see the time.
  • Switch Mobile Before Sleeping
  • Customize Mobile Notification

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