Modi will be the country’s largest cancer hospital to be cured only in ₹10

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the country’s largest national cancer institute in Haryana’s Hazrat Shahjajar. National Cancer Institute director JK Rath said that 50-bed facility has been started in the National Cancer Institute. By the end of this year, 400 bed facility will be started in the institute. They said that 80 to 100 patients are currently being seen in the OPD of the institute. Alcohol is also being sent to patients of Delhi’s AIIMS. According to Doctor Rath, 500 bed facility will be done by 2020. This will be a total 710 bed hospital.

Labs collecting samples of 60 thousand patients have also been started in Ames National Cancer Institute. Here a sample of cells can be taken to examine cancer of 60 thousand patients a day. An Emergency Department has also been started in the institute.

CT scan, chemotherapy facilities are also being provided here. Operation Theater and Radio Therapy has also been started here and the operation of serious patients can also be done.

Protein therapy will also be used for treatment in this institute. In this technique, proteins beam is destroyed accurately on patients’ cancerous nodes. This marks the cancer cells only. So that the healthy cells surrounding them do not have to be damaged. This will not affect the radiation of other parts of the body.

Amount to pay for treatment: –

In the National Cancer Institute OPD, only a card fee of Rs 10 will be charged. There are an average of 1300 patients with cancer in Ames, of whom only 400 can get treatment.


Cancer is another number of lethal disease in India. The number of cancer patients in the country is doubled. In 1990, the number of cancer patients was 5.5 lakh, which increased to 10.6 lakh in 2016. 9% of people with stomach cancer, 8.2% of breast cancer and 7.2% of lip cancer are found.

The hospital was laid on 4 January 2014 by former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

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