He suddenly came into the room and threw his hand inside my clothes, pushed me to the table and …

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Bangladesh beauty queen Marduda Akhtar has earned a lot of name in the fashion world. Matsuda Miss Earth Arland 2014-15 and Miss Earth International 2016-17. Maksudooda is very successful in the professional life but she has got a lot of downfall in her personal life.

There was a time in Maksuda’s life when he came to the idea of ​​a suicidal Maksuda said that a prominent businessman tried to rape him. He also threatened to kill him.

Maksudada Akhtar has appealed to women to raise voice against events such as Yen Waste. Matsuda is a single parent. She has two children. She lived in Ireland for 18 years. Maksuda said that he was sexually exploited at a TV ad deal in 2015.

Maksudada said, “A secretary called to the office to make discs about TV ads. He went away from there. Then suddenly a businessman came and laid his hand inside my clothes. Then he pushed me towards the table. He tried to rape me ‘

He further said, “Because of all the sudden, I got defeated and could not even chiso. The office was such that nobody had to listen. It was like a businessman, mafia, who was a tricketer. He had the power of money. I was worried about how to get out of this office. ‘

After this incident, the landlady with her children was relieved. A few days later the businessman’s phone came and he said that I know why you did not come. If he opens his mouth, then I will not miss it for two minutes. Ireland is not far away from you here in the dolls.

He said that because of this, I was in depression. I did not sleep all night. I started thinking about suicide. I have been taking medicine for two years. If I had no responsibility for the children, I would have given my life before.

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