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It is hearty Patel that sometimes a young man has talked about the people of the eighteen caste of Gujarat, including Patidar Samaj. When the identity of the reservation started, and after it started coming to the center of the reserve movement, its past stories flashed. As if he did not slow down any rupee, he was not a liar, his father did not take responsibility for it. There are many things other than those that are discussed.

Then GIDC was attacked, 14 young men and women became heartbroken. Then it started again that now it is hearty to fall. But after coming back from Udepur, Hardik started a well-established politics. Interview with all the leading politicians of the country other than the BJP. So he started talking again that Hardik took Rs 1200 crores, beating him with the society.

Thereafter, the Gujarat assembly elections came and Hardik had done a lot of publicity against the BJP. Hardik regards Congress as an agent. Anne came to the stairs. Yet it remained unchanged.

Now after joining the heartily Congress before the Lok Sabha elections, it started again or again, we were saying that this is the agent of Congress! Hardy’s old video came back in which he said, “I do not want to vote, nor is I going to politics because I am not able to run politics.”

And now when a person lapsed in a meeting filled with heartyness, Patidar society was divided into two parts. A hearty pro and the other hearty opponent.

As a person of Muslim society, I have seen heartily from a distance, have tried to understand the heart. Twenty-three twenty-four-year-old young man becomes the subject of debate without any public identity, and it is a achievement that will become an important factor in national politics in the four-year period, and that is why today everyone has a single view of his heart.

Believe that there was nothing in the heart, and he made money. Believe that Hardy has made his place in politics using society. Let’s assume that the whole heart of the whole movement was running at Congress’s point of view. Once all those things are said against the heart, consider all the things once.

But you have to admit that,

1. When he did not even get to the pachisi, he put his life in danger, killed the police, went on against other serious types of police cases including treason.

2. For the past four years, he has been running for the society continuously.

3. When identity came into being in politics, not only with Patidar Samaj, but also all the caste caste communities of Gujarat were standing there when whenever they called Hardik.

4. In the politics of the state, the influence of Patidar Samaj came to an end, when Hardik reinstated Patidar society in the state’s politics.

5. BJP has forced the central government to pass a universal reserve bill.

And today if Patidar or any other community has to oppose the heart, it should not matter, but first ask yourself,

1. What is the 10% golden reserves found today because of the heartache? Then how is the heart of the society to be called a carcass?

2. Patidar community got respect and honor in politics, did not get it due to hearty? Then how can you say hello? Had it been a heart-breaking movement, then it would have been said that it would have been ironed out, but hearty has not done so.

3. He did not want to be in politics, but when more than a dozen police cases were raised against him, was there any other option than coming into politics in his career? What would you do if you were in the place of heart?

4. And when Hardik had come into politics, he had no other option except to join Congress.

Hardik did all these things by risking himself and believing that he did for himself, even if he did the first thing he did in mind, he could not refuse it.

The heart of the movement will also have a personal benefit, at least the heart will not have to work for the maintenance of life, but due to the heart, today 10% of the people of the society benefited from the benefits, so many young people survived pakodasika or not?

A lot of young people from unincorporated communities, including Patidar, have to be killed in the beginning of 2016. Now what will be the benefit of this reserve only because of the heartache, will it not?

And yet if someone had a problem with heart, then everyone had the opportunity to get the opportunity to work hard. If you have become a hero of the heart, it has become today, but at the beginning he had put everything in his warehouse, right? Hearty work by raising the risk and success. Those people who have done the pastoral work in the time of struggle of society, leaving them in the middle, are heartwarming if they are associated with others for personal benefits?

And most importantly, today’s opposition to the heart is likely to cause harm to society by benefiting the society. There will be many occasions in front of the heart to oppose, understand the time as much as understand that if there is a situation where the society is facing a problem of opposition, then there is wisdom to put an end to the individual opposition.

– Salim Hafaji, Surat

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