BJP’s married MLA-wife made “surgical strike” again with girlfriend

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In the Nagpur assembly elections, BJP’s MLA Raju Narayan Todesam and his girlfriend had a rush on the road. The crowd said that MLA Raju Narayan should not be allowed to stay on stage with the Prime Minister in Maharashtra on Saturday. According to a report, the incident is from that time, while the BJP leader was returning home after inaugurating a sports tournament with his girlfriend Priya Shinde.

Priya Shinde and party supporters were celebrating 42th birthday when her first wife Archen Khodesam and her mother-in-law reached with some supporters. After a while, there was a fierce argument that after Archana and her mother-in-law killed Priya. When the victim tried to rescue Priya Shinde, mother, first wife and people attacked her. People were trying to seek justice for Archana. Archana is a teacher at a school. The video of this incident created by direct-sighting was viral. The BJP leader is being criticized very much.

The incident happened and after a few minutes the police reached there and the angry crowd of angry people and Priya Shinde was able to escape safely. Priya was admitted to the hospital under treatment. There were serious injuries on his face.

Farmer leader and Vasantra Naik farmer self-help committee chairperson Kishore Tiwari expressed his views on the chronology and said that it is a brave practice to come out of public with a BJP leader’s girlfriend. Tiwari said on Wednesday that he should first give justice to his two children and his wife. Which she has quitted for another woman. With Archana she got married eight years ago. If they do not speak within 48 hours, then we will appeal to the prime minister to resolve this issue on his own pilgrimage on Saturday, “he said. No complaint has been filed on this whole incident.

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