America / Bill Gates has correctly predicted Fake News and Video Streaming Service 24 years ago

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  • YouTube was founded 10 years after Gates interviewed.

Washington: Today the news has spread to social media around the world. Most of the news we receive every day is fakt. On the other hand, today we can easily see the latest movies on YouTube Tube – Netflix (Social Streaming Service). It is a matter of surprise that, 24 years ago Microsoft founder Bill Gates had predicted fak news and social streaming in today’s time.

  • The second richest person in the world

In 1995, Bill Gates interviewed GQ Magazine journalist Terry Prachat. At that time Gates was 39 years old. Forbes Magazine declared him the richest person in the world with a networth of $ 12.6 billion (Rs 85,000 crore). Gates is the second richest person in the world after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Their net worth is $ 99.6 billion, or $ 6.93 lakh.

  • VCR and DVD will be extinct

Mark Basosos posted on his Twitter account, in the journalist Terry and Bill Gates magazine’s printed dialogue. Bill Gates said that the internet will always change our entertainment style. Today most people have VCR and DVD players to watch movies. This (VCR and DVD player) will disappear in the next 10 years.

  • Video streaming time

Terry then asked, ‘Will the VCR in the house become extinct today in true sense?’ In response, Gates said that in the next four to five years another disk player would take its place. Then the time will come for the streaming video, whose users will call the VCR to be a goat.

  • More usage of Netflix and YouTube

YouTube was founded in 10 years after Gates’s interview (2005). In 2007, Netflix announced that they would show movies and shows online. Today NetFlix has 15 million subscribers. Now every month more than 2 billion people watch videos on YouTube.

  • Gates also gave signals to grow Fake News in the future

In the second question, Terry asked, would the Internet use the Internet to spread fakes news in the coming times? Replying to the news, Bill said that there will be a large number of Fake News on the net, but the option to know the fact with you will definitely be there.

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